We worked on CD-ROM development from 1996 to 2017, specialising in discs for conferences and the education sector, working closely with our clients to ensure that the finished product met all of their requirements, but we now feel that CD-ROMs have had their day.

In mid 2017 we decided that it was time to move on from CD-ROM duplication, as we now create products that deliver content online exclusively. The move to online delivery of products was prompted by the decrease in computers that come with a CD or DVD drive, and a request from clients to be able to provide rapid updates to content, and to be able to give customers immediate access to downloadable resources.

Rather than making content available on disc, we now either add the resources to an existing site, or set up a sub-site. Content is usually stored in a Joomla! site, with access provided through the HikaShop shopping cart, or Community Builder and CB Paid Subscriptions. This allows us to provide instant access to resources, with either a specified number of downloads of the product (using HikaShop), or a set period of access to the resource (Community Builder).

When using Communty Builder and CB Paid Subscriptions, depending upon the requirements of the client, we can add users manually, individually, or use an import script that lets us add thousands of users in a few minutes. In either case, each user receives a customised email that provides them with their personal login details and information about how long they have access to the resources.

We can add credit card payments to HikaShop and Community Builder Paid Subscriptions, using a PayPal account, or an Australian payment gateway (eWay is our preferred gateway). With an online payment option it is possible to have the resources automatically made available to a customer/subscriber without the client having to intervene at all.